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"With the growth in numbers of internet users, Human Interface helps to resolve the importance of Web presence and use of technology in Schools, colleges and various institutions by providing a range of products."

Below are some of the List of products offered by Human Interface Technologies for Schools and Colleges:

Website Design Solutions

point Content Management System

1) Manage Content of YOUR website by editing, modifying content, deleting and maintenance.
2) A Content Management System can streamline everything from the page layout and designs all the way through future Content Management.
3) Content can be dynamically loaded and can be managed by almost anyone with access and minimal training.
4) It ensures quick launch, but also ensures that the website is easy to manage and modify in the future, ensuring easy and cost-effective management.
5) CMS also helps in search engine Optimization.

point Web Reengineering

1) Re-conceptualize and Re-design your existing website and application services.
2) Keep in tune and update your Website with more interactivity and dynamic abilities.
3) Our Website re-engineering calls for advanced tools and technology that are both easily accessible, easy affordable and more easy to use, hence acquiring more visitors.
4) Website re-engineering provides the following advantages
      i. Ease of Navigation
      ii. Usefulness of Content
      iii. Overall Graphic Presentation
      iv. Ease of Contact and Responsiveness

point Events Management

1) Manage all Registration, Participation of any events in your institution.
2) Handling Events becomes very simple and effective.
3) Event management lessen the burden for a college in organizing an event.

point Online Application

1) Online application can ease the admission process to the institution.
2) By making the admission processes online, it can save institutions a lot of time, money and resources.
3) It provides easy tracking of the entire applicants to the institution.

point Alumni

1) Smooth the transition from being a student to becoming alumni by helping the two groups connect and collaborate with each other.
2) The alumni can help current students find jobs and provide guidance to the current students.

point SEO

1) Get more visitors to your institutions website with increasing the visibility of the institution.
2) Stand out from your competitors by increasing the traffic to your website.
3) More visitors=More probable admissions.

Campus Management System

point Student Management

1) For small, medium and large institutions handling all the student data through ledgers becomes a tedious task.
2) Student management system helps resolve this is issue by keeping up to date about all the relevant student information like attendance, fees and marks.

point Staff Management

1) Right from the selection of Staff through our online application, all the relevant information pertaining to a staff member can be stored.
2) Managing staffs attendance, Salary info, subjects a particular staff is handling all these information are available in one place with a click of a button.

point Online Enquiry

1) With high traffic from our website design or our web re-engineering, the enquires for your institution is bound to increase.
2) All these online queries about fees, facilities and infrastructure can be handled at ease with our online enquiry module.

point Attendance Management

1) Managing attendance of Staff and Students has never been made easier.
2) With just basic information of a staff or student, the entire attendance details of a person associated with the institution can be traced.
3) With the help of our SMS feature the absence of students can be informed to their respective parents/guardians.

point Time Table Management

1) The time table management module is designed keeping in mind about various types of institutions.
2) Time Table Management system has become essential due to the difficulties involved in handling the time table system manually.
3) It can deal with various curriculum structures. It never allows a teacher to be associated with multiple classes at a time. These mistakes a common when done manually.

point Examination Management

1) Examination is a core activity of any educational institutions.
2) So handling exams efficiently is of at most importance. 3) You will be provided with an option to enter marks according to a particular class or subject.
4) Handling all aspects of an Exam, like creating an exam, Entering Students marks and send Marks report as SMS has been made easy with our College management system.

point Fee Management

1) VidhyaWorld’s Campus Management System lets you define your fee structure based on your institutions requirement.
2) With the fee report feature all details pertaining to a particular student’s fee can be known including scholarship, pending fees, fines and outstanding amount can be known.
3) The SMS feature lets you inform the Students Parent/Guardian about the pending fees and outstanding balance.

point Library Management

1) The library management is incorporated into our Campus Management System; Institutions don’t have to buy a separate Library management Software.
2) Issuing and tracking of books to students and staff is made very simple.
3) Institutions can also keep track of all the name and number of books in there catalogue.

point Hostel Management

Manage all Hostel information for students of your institution.

point Transportation Module

1) One of the important tasks for Institutions is to ensure Parents/Guardians of the Safe transportation of their Kids from Home to the institution.
2) Our Transportation feature ensures exactly those concerns. The information about the all route numbers, bus drivers details and institutions can also know the Route number, stop name and bus details of any student.
3) This will help institutions to manage all the transportation of the school and hence the safety of their students.
4) The Bus fares are linked to our Fee Management module to ensure tracking of student’s transportation fees.

All the products have been designed by keeping various Schools and colleges in mind. If you have any additional requirement please let us know and the feature of your interest will be developed*.

The pricing of our products are chosen in such a way that it caters to the need of all Small, Medium and Large educational Institutions.

For Information on Pricing, Please refer the Pricing page in our website or click here.