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General Resume Information: Read This First

A resume is a summary of your relevant education and work experience and you should also see it as a demonstration of your potential for new work-from-home positions.

Your resume is an opportunity to present your strengths and assets to be considered for a position.

Remember that you are “advertising yourself,” which means you have just few seconds to catch an employer’s attention. For this reason, try to limit your resume to one-two pages in length and make sure every line counts. Less is more if you take the time to summarize the important elements.

You do not need to edit or change your resume for each job you apply to. If your resume is clear and is a good presentation of your qualifications, it can cover most positions and opportunities. Trust employers to be able to see your strengths and skills and imagine their relevance to the position they seek to fill.

Now, before you select a Resume Template to customize, learn how to make it the best you can by reading our Resume Template Instructions